About Us

Get to know Stover Shop Greenhouses

At SSGH, we pride ourselves with growing and harvesting the finest fancy leaf hydroponic lettuces available in Virginia. We Believe that lettuce shouldn’t just be about texture, but a flavorful addition to your eating experience. Whether used in a salad, on a delicious sandwich or wrap, or even as a standalone, we are so sure of our produce quality we offer a money back guarantee. That’s right, just send us back the unused portion in its original packaging with the receipt and we will refund your money.


Get familiar with our system

Stover Shop Greenhouses is a USDA GAP-certified Hydroponic growing facility. We are a family-owned and operated business.

The varieties of leaf lettuce currently grown include Greenleaf, Red Leaf, Romaine and a Summer Crisp. The plants are raised in a soilless growing media and fed the very best nutrients available through an automated fertigation system in our greenhouses. They are then handpicked, packed in tamper evident clamshell containers, boxed, and refrigerated.

Most product is picked up or delivered within 24 hours of harvest to ensure consumers of the freshest, most nutritious and delicious lettuce on the market. Our staple product is our handpicked and packed hydroponic single leaf lettuce in clamshell containers with NO core or stem; no waste, only nutritious, delicious edible lettuce that will last at least two weeks when refrigerated.

We also offer a bagged product for institutional use.